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Katina Cote

Katina Cote

Corinna, ME


I am a 38 year old married mother of 2 beautiful children, one boy and one girl. I am from Millinocket Maine and further moved to the Bangor area. I started drawing when I was a little girl, and found that I really enjoyed it. As time passed I got married had my son and began drawing again. I did a portrait of my son and that just reminded me just how much that I love to draw. I then had my daughter and started trying water color paints, when i found the time. I started working with different papers, and paints till I found the ones that I enjoy the most. I use KOI water colors I find that they are very vibrant and flow very nicely. I also use Arches water color paper 200lb cold press, I find that It is the best paper for me....it is very hard to come by in the store that I get it at...but when in need I just order it. I use simple brushes not real expensive, i've tried the expensive ones and didnt' care for the effects that it gave me so I tried Pro Art brushes and fell inlove, so to speak. I then started using pastels for sceneries, i've had experience with chalk pastels in the past. I then tried oil pastels...I didn't really care for the effect until I got used to using them...then once I got used to the media and tried different techniques I loved it! and still to this day continue to use it! I am a self taught artist looking to put out different media, to catch the eye so to speak. I have been in an international show this past year, had my art featrued in a Maine magazine, and had my painting on the news along with many other international artists. I'm very pleased with the accomplishments that I have made for showing under a year. I really hope that you enjoy what you see...because I know I really love to paint and draw. Thank you for your time and I hope that you enjoy my creations as much as I love to create them.


"let your imagination flow!"

"never be scared to express yourself, never take critisism to heart, it can only make you stronger, and strive to do better, remember art is not perfect, nor does it have to be! that's the beauty of it, you make it what you want to be! show your creativity, there's a little artist in everyone."


cluster by Katina Cote


wild flowers by Katina Cote


reflections by Katina Cote


hint of light by Katina Cote


loon by Katina Cote


beautiful day by Katina Cote


the tree by Katina Cote


wicked garden by Katina Cote


in the forest by Katina Cote


red by Katina Cote



black and white by Katina Cote


Barharbor Maine 2 by Katina Cote


Barharbor Maine 1 by Katina Cote


between by Katina Cote


out of the blue by Katina Cote


twisted trees 8 by Katina Cote


twisted trees 7 by Katina Cote


twisted trees 6 by Katina Cote


love birds by Katina Cote


rainbows by Katina Cote


daybreak 2 by Katina Cote


purple passion by Katina Cote


flowers by Katina Cote


colors by Katina Cote


splash by Katina Cote